TV repairs and services at a low cost!

Has your television stopped working suddenly? Leave it in the hands of the professionals at All Technical to fix it for you!

When choosing us to repair your TV, you are guaranteed efficiency and a warranted job on the spot or at our workshop in case of repairs requiring more time than usual to be solved.

At All Technical we provide you with the opportunity to save money and time! So, rather than opting to go around electronic shops to purchase a new TV model when broken, get in touch with us for high level customer service. We pride ourselves on quality and expert TV repairs and services on the major brands. No matter if your TV is old or modern, we can have a look at it and fix it.

Common TV Damages We Deal With

As techy and advanced they might be, most modern televisions don’t seem to last long unfortunately! They are certainly innovative and have brought technology to a whole new level with their thin sophisticated structure frame in which all fine components are hidden. 

Sometimes, the tiniest fault can lead you to despair - knowing that you won’t be able to continue watching your favourite TV series!

Throughout our experience we have encountered many situations in which technology fails you but we have still managed to succeed and give you back a fully working TV set.

We Do Our Utmost To inspect your Tv Within 24 Hours!

Selling the latest TV models at GREAT prices!

At All Technical it’s all about electronics 

You can find a wide selection of BRAND NEW modern TVs, sound-bars, hi-fi equipment and more. 

We also stock other accessories such as remote controls, mother boards, HDMI cables, power supplies and other essentials to turn the living room in your own highly-equipped cinema room!

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