Over 20 Years Experience

All Technical has been running for many years under the professional management of Stephen Abela.

After achieving a Diploma from the old Fellinberg Institute on Industrial Electronics in Malta, Stephen had the chance to put into practice his knowledge about the world of electronics. Starting off as a junior technician in his job, he then climbed up another important step that entitled him with the role of technician supervisor.

Throughout these work experiences he was given also various international training opportunities with some of the biggest electronic brands that were rising in the 80s. These included SHARP (Vienna & Barcelona), LOEWE, AIWA, THOMPSON and KENWOOD among others.

 Fixing Different Types of Electronics

It was thanks to these experiences that All Technical was established successfully. With his natural intrigue for technology and the way it works, Stephen embarked on opening his own company of electronic repairs and services. 

By constantly focusing on his clients’ needs, together with his team, the company has become a primary point of reference to solve people’s problems with their electronics.

We don’t just repair and service televisions but also microwaves, washing machine motherboards, dishwashers, hi-fi equipment, audiovisual equipment and other electronics.

If you’re a professional appliances technician and need some assistance to analyse further a complication in a component or part before repairing, we can help you! 

With our knowledge and certified expertise in most electronic goods, All Technical helps you fix the problem faster for your clients!

Are your electronics giving you problems?