General Electronics Services

Some household electronics are worth paying to have them repaired rather than purchase new. 

All Technical technicians can handle professional repairs on home essentials such as microwave faults and motherboards of washing machines and dishwashers.


Microwave ovens have become an important helping hand in the kitchen in today’s world. 

Found in thousands of homes, this essential kitchen device is undoubtedly one of the benefits brought about by modern technology.

Efficient to use, a microwave oven is ideal for quick and simple hot meals.

But what happens when the microwave 

starts giving you trouble and …

 Is not heating food?

Runs only for few seconds and stops?

Its touch pad is not functioning?

The plate’s turntable is not spinning?

Its light bulb is not switching on?

Is emitting sparks inside?

To solve such common microwave oven problems or other faults, we can help you fix any inconvenience with fast and reliable repair service.

We Fix: • Light Bulbs fuses • Magnetrons • Fan motors • Stirrer belts and more!

Are your electronics giving you problems?

New TV wall mounting

If you have just bought that brand new 4K Smart TV you’ve been dreaming about while patiently saving for it, you want to place it in the safest place possible!! 

Our technicians provide their assistance to help you mount your TV neatly, hiding all cables away from sight.

Mounting your TV on the wall gives you the opportunity to put it up straight at eye level with the right brackets and fixings.

It saves you room space and makes the room look more tidy! All Technical technicians can fit all types of TV models and sizes together with a mind blowing sound system for a full home cinema experience.

We carry out TV installations and other hi-fi equipment in private houses, gyms, restaurants, bars, offices and other premises.

Aerial Installations

Our electronics services include also TV aerial repairs and installations for free viewing of Maltese TV channels and others in the range.

If your location point suffers from poor reception or you only use your place for few months during the year, installing an aerial could be a good alternative to pay TV!

Android boxes

Combining the web with the television world results in a multimedia centre which TV boxes like the android box can offer you. 

The android box is like having an extension of your smart mobile phone with a wide choice of apps, games and other to install and uninstall.

Unlike traditional TV sets, the android box allows you to surf the internet, see online TV programmes, play music and use social media among other.

If you have just bought an android box but you’re still new to how to install it and set up, we can help you! At All Technical we take care of installing android tv boxes and we also do repairs.

Common problems in Android TV Boxes: Slow user interface • connection issues • storage space • Apps not installing

Interested in a New System?


 Are you planning your wedding or another important event such as a business event or a product launch gathering? 

We hire, deliver and install audiovisual equipment at very affordable prices!

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Insurance Reports

Electronics have become a very valuable thing in the modern world. So, insuring them has become the first thing to do in case an unexpected incident occurs! 

Whether your TV got damaged because of a water leak in the house or a kitchen appliance has suddenly stopped working, we assist you by writing a detailed report on the estimated cost to cover damages and repairs. 

Like this, you can claim your money back with the insurance company you’re subscribed with.